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ATLAS brings women together from around the world in a dynamic and supportive community designed to create and increase collaborative opportunities. We are a space for women to come together for mutual professional advancement, and through our advancement to improve workplace cultures and the opportunities they afford women from all walks of life.

Whether you're a woman working in public international law or someone who wants to support women in international law, you're invited to become an ATLAS ally as we work together to uproot structures that create and sustain gender inequalities and silo women, reducing our opportunities for collaboration and advancement. If you're in favour of building a gender-equal world and ensuring that women can flourish and reach their greatest professional potential, we want to get to know you. Become an ATLAS Ally and join the revolution!

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The Christine Loudes Mentorship Programme

The Christine Loudes Mentorship Programme is a dedicated space within the ATLAS community for women, at all stages of their career, to provide and receive support. We dedicate this to our colleague and friend, Dr. Christine Marie-Helene Loudes (1972 - 2016). Christine was an advocate, academic, activist and friend. She obtained her PhD in women's rights and politics from Queen's University, Belfast (2003) and worked in the field of human rights at the European Institute for Gender Equality (2016), as Director of the End FGM Campaign at Amnesty International (2008-2014), as Policy Director with ILGA-Europe (2004-2008), and prior to that with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. She also served as a Board member for INTACT, a Belgium based organisation dedicated to ending FGM. Christine was awarded Amnesty’s Gender Defender Award in 2014, and a lifetime achievement award in acknowledgement of her work and legacy in 2018. She will be remembered for her courage, warmth, humour and for the inspiration that she brought to all who knew her. In creating this space as a forum for exchange, support and mentorship, we join together to continue Christine’s work in supporting women in the field.  


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Student/Intern/Early Career Ally

£6 per month, or £72 per year, for:

  • Contributing to ATLAS’s mission and community

  • A 30 minute mentoring session with one of the amazing ATLAS women working in public international law

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

  • Free or discounted access to ATLAS events

  • ATLAS vinyl sticker

  • Comes up to 23 pence/ day!


Student/Intern/Early Career Monthly Ally Payment

Student/Intern/Early Career Yearly Ally Payment



General Monthly Ally Payment

General Yearly Ally Payment


General Ally


  • Contributing to ATLAS’s mission and community

  • Vote on ATLAS’s annual priorities

  • A 30 minute mentoring session for young PIL professionals

  • Free or discounted access to ATLAS events

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

  • ATLAS fridge magnet

  • Comes up to 32 pence/ day!

Super Ally


  • Contribute to ATLAS’s mission and community

  • Invitation to annual Board meeting to suggest and discuss priority issues

  • Free access to ATLAS events

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

  • ATLAS tote bag

  • Still only 65 pence/day!

Super Ally Monthly Payment

Super Ally Yearly Payment

I’m thankful to be part of the ATLAS community, which is an important and supportive space for female international lawyers.


ATLAS represents an ideal I'm proud to support, a community of women who lift each other, and walk together in the pursuit of justice and a fairer world. 


ATLAS has been a constant support to so many women working on such important issues. I'm proud and excited to be part of it!


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ATLAS thanks the following people whose donations made this website possible:


Adele Kirschner, Agnes Venema, Alexa Koenig, Alison Elliot, Alka Pradhan, Amal Nassar, Amelia Knott, Andrea Zamur, Anisa Mahmoudi, Anna Brennan, Anna Khalfaoui, Anna Olsen, Annie O'Reilly, Annika Wythes, Anonymous, Barbara Mulvaney, Berber Biala-Hettinga, Beti Hohler, Bridget Rutherford, Candice Welsch, Cannelle Lavite, Carrie Comer, Cecilia Pechmeze, Cheah Wui Ling, Chiara Redaelli, Christina Beninger, Christina Hey-Nguyen, Ciara McKenna-Keane, Claire Mahon, Clemence Pinaud, Dalila Seoane, Damodara Priya, Dana Swanson, Danielle Ireland-Piper, Danya Chaikel, Daria Sartori, Deslie Billich, Donna Cline, Doreen Chen, Dorien Braam, Elaine Webster, Elham Saudi, Elisabeth Koek, Elise Tillet, Elizabeth Elmore, Elodie Cantier-Aristide, Emma Wanchap, Emmanuelle Debouverie, Emilz Christie, Erica Hall, Erin Gallagher, Eve Massingham, Farnoosh Hashemian, Farnush Eghadery, Fiana Reinhardt, Freya Dinshaw, Gaelle Buchet, Georgia Drake, Gisela Claire Schmidt-Martin, Gisela Hernandez, Glenna MacGregor, Grace Pelly, Güley Bor, Heiki Spidle, Helen Nolan, Helena Sunnegårdh, Horejah Bala-Gaye, Imogen Canavan, Iryna Ivankiv, Isabelle Gilles, Iva Vukusic, Jasdeep Randhawa, Jastine Barrett, Jeanne Sulzer, Jelena Hadžić, Jennifer Gibson, Jennifer Nettleton-Brom, Jessica Lacey, Jessica Lynn Corsi, Jessica Peake, Jing Geng, Johanna Selth, Juliette Rousselot, Justine Bendel, Karen AbuZayd, Karen Murphy, Katharine Fortin, Kate Orlovsky, Kate Vigneswaran, Katie Price, Kathryn Hampton, Kay Marshall, Kinnari Bhatt, Kristin Smith, Krisztina Huszti-Orban, Laila Alodaat, Laura Inigo Alvarez, Laura Milne, Laura Schülke, Lauren Aarons, Leanne McKay, Liiri Oja, Lindsay Freeman, Linnea Kristiansson, Lorena Sander, Lotta Teale, Lucy Martinez, Magali Maystre, Maia Titberidze, Maka Meshveliani, Margaret Zimmerman, Maria Warren, Marie Davoise, Marie Forestier, Mariska van Delft, Martyna Falkowska-Clarys, Mayesha Alam, Megan Hirst, Megan Nobert, Melinda Taylor, Michelle Staggs Kelsall, Mona Strindberg, Monica Iyer, Monika Mehta, Morgane Landel, Naina Patel, Nani Jansen Reventlow, Natalie Matranga, Nicolette Waldman, Nora Godkin, Orly Stern, Paloma Soria, Parisa Zangeneh, Penelope Van Tuyl, Petra Molnar, Priyanka Chirimar, Raquel Vazquez Llorente, Rawan Arraf, Rosalind Sipos, Rossella Pulvirenti, Roxana Vatanparast, Ruby Axelson, Sabrina Mahtani, Sally Longworth, Sangeetha Iengar, Sara Kendall, Sarah Dwidar, Sarah Houlihan, Sarah McCoubrey, Sarah McGuckin, Sarah Spottiswood, Sareta Ashraph, Shannon Raj Singh, Stephanie Johanssen, Stephanie de Moerloose, Suzanne Zhou, Tara Van Ho, Valentina Cadelo, Valentina Morante, Valerie Gabard, Venexiana Stevenson, Vicki Prais, Vivian Ng, Viviana de la Peña, Whitney Price, Yael Vias Gvirsman, Yasmine Chubin, Yousuf Syed Khan, Yuna Han, Yvette Zegenhagen


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